Food & Fooder Event Cheemna

Namostute Innovators LLP together with Nestle India organized the second edition of the Food &Fooder Solutions Show in June 2020, at Village Cheemna, Jagraon. The show was organized to educate the dairy farmers regarding the process of making good quality silage and its importance. This event would not have achieved success if Corteva, Claas India, Yara Fertilisers, New Holland, Trouw Nutrition, Lutim Pharma haven’t joined their hands with us. All our sponsors are renowned in their respective fields.

Mr. Vipin Sharma, Project Director of Namostute Innovators made this event a huge success by inviting various renowned companies in the field of agriculture to come together for educating the dairy farmers. All the safety measures and social distancing were duly followed keeping in view the COVID situation.

Dr. Kamalbir Singh Deol, Head – Fresh Milk Sourcing, Nestle told that they have started this programme to target the agripreneurs to make them financially stronger. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers worked day and night on farms to feed the whole country. Dr. Kamalbir Singh Deol told that the future of dairy is only silage and he requested the farmers to follow the techniques to grow their business using silage bails or silage bunkers.

Mr. Yougesh Kumar, Corteva Agriscience while addressing the farmers, told that Pioneer is providing seeds in India for the last 40 years. They are known for providing quality seeds to the farmers which lead to increased productivity. They have formed small groups of farmers with the support of Nestle to help them manufacture quality silage and to fill them in bunkers.

Mr. Rohit Malhotra, Claas India told that Claas is known for its price justification machines so that everyone can afford them. He guided the farmers that the chopping quality of silage should be 8-10mm.

Mr. Vipin Mishra, Chief Agronomist Yara Fertilisers guided the farmers regarding, “How to practice nutrition management in crops to increase the quality of silage for the better health of animals.”

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Grewal, Progressive Dairy Farmer, Punjab, told that with the help of silage health of the animals remains good and it also enhances the quality of milk. At the end of the event, alive demo on the right stage of harvesting for Quality Corn Silage (Half Milkline) was also presented in which live harvesting of corn silage was shown with the help of a single-row harvester, self-propelled harvester and commercial silage bailing process was also shown.

Dr. Jaswinder Singh Tung, Head of East Zone- Nestle explained the process of silage pit preparation in detail to get the best quality out of it.

Silage is the best option for the dairy farmers for the better health of their animals and quality milk and also for the persons looking for a business opportunity.